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Benjamin Netanyahu

The press service of the President of Russia

In Israel, on may 24 the first meeting of the Jerusalem District court in three cases instituted against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reports TASS.

This is the first case in the country’s history when the current head of the government is accused in the criminal process. The first meeting in cases Netanyahu was to be held March 17 but was postponed to 24 may due to the effect in Israel of quarantine measures.

Netanyahu on Sunday during a televised address from the building of the district court in Jerusalem, said that the case against him was fabricated in an attempt to remove the right from power.

The Israeli Prime Minister also has demanded trial by his works was broadcast live.

“All the cases fabricated from the beginning. What is happening today is the attempt to overthrow me and right camp,” – said the Prime Minister, the appeal which was broadcasted by the main channels of Israeli TV. “All right, the camp was now in the dock as a defendant. I arrived at the court,” he added before heading to the courtroom. With the Prime Minister in the court in support of the profit of a few members of his new government.

Considering the case against Netanyahu by a panel of three judges. It is led by Rivka Friedman-Feldman, who previously was part of the Board that rendered the verdict in the case of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, together with her Affairs Netanyahu working judge Moshe Bar-Am and Oded Shaham.
The court session on Sunday of a technical nature, it must be defined the order of the hearings.

Channel I24 showed footage from the courtroom before the session, to remove which is not allowed. All were in the hall, including the Prime Minister, were in masks.

The first investigation against the Prime Minister was conducted in 1999-2000. Then the police filed against him with five counts of bribery, attempted embezzlement of public property, fraud, abuse of office and attempting to obstruct the investigation. However, in the absence of sufficient evidence, all the cases were closed before reaching the court.

In 2016, began a new investigation. It was conducted in three separate cases which were named in the press in their rooms – “business 1000”, “business 2000” and “4000”. On the basis of 21 November, 2019, the attorney General of Israel, away Mandelblit showed Netanyahu’s accusations.

In the framework of the “case of 1000” Netanyahu suspected that he accepted gifts from businessmen in exchange for some services.

In the “case of 2000” we are talking about a series of secret meetings with Netanyahu, the owner of one of the country’s largest publishing houses Yedioth Ahronoth by Arnon Moses. Investigators say that the topic of conversation was the deal about the positive coverage of the activities of the Netanyahu government in exchange for limiting the ability of a competitor Yedioth Ahronoth – free daily newspaper Israel Hayom.

In the “case of 4000” appears Israeli Telecom company “Bezeq” and its owner, Shaul Elovich.

The Prosecutor’s office suspects that the reforms in the telecommunication services market in 2014-2017, the Prime Minister, who held the post of Minister of communications, lobbied for the commercial interests of Elovich of Saul, and provided him with administrative support.