Introduced on 7 April the state of emergency extended to the whole territory of Japan


The action of state of emergency because of the coronavirus expanded to the entire territory of Japan until may 6. As reported by RIA “Novosti”, said on Thursday Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Since the spread of the virus continues, the regime, which demanded the closing of schools and other institutions, spread to other regions of the country, he said.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the staff to control the spread of coronavirus to control the movement of people, particularly during national celebrations. At the end of April – beginning of may in the country drops out of the “Golden week” – several holidays.
The Minister for economic recovery Yasutoshi Nishimura confirmed that the emergency mode will first need to minimize the movement of people across the country during the long weekend.

On April 7 of emergency was declared in Tokyo, Osaka and five other prefectures of the country. This allowed local authorities to achieve the abolition of classes in schools and large events. However, the coercive restriction of movement of people in Japan not.

The number of infected by coronavirus in Japan has exceeded 9,000 people.

The number of deaths as a result of infection by coronavirus in Japan can reach 400 thousand if not taken measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, said the Professor, Hokkaido University Hiroshi Nishiura whose forecast was published in the newspaper “Mainichi”.

Professor part of group at Ministry of health of Japan on measures to prevent the cluster of infections. He published his calculations so as to urge the population to comply with stricter isolation.