Infectious diseases specialist warns: it is necessary to prepare for the autumn outbreak of COVID-19 now

KIEV. June 1. UNN. Experts predict the next wave of COVID-19 in the fall, especially since it is not known what new strains and mutations “will visit”.” Ukraine. Therefore, the infectious diseases specialist of the Ministry of Health Sergey Kramarev is sure that the summer time of a short break should be used as productively as possible and prepare for the establishment of widespread testing and the purchase of necessary medicines.UNN.


“This is a new infection and it is simply impossible to foresee something specific. So I would recommend that those in charge prepare for the next wave to come in the fall. And some experts say that it really will be. Therefore, it is necessary to store tests, medicines, oxygen, and everything that is needed for this next wave,” Kramarev notes.


According to the infectious diseases specialist, it is possible to provide funding for comprehensive testing for COVID-19 in the fall in educational institutions, enterprises, and numerous work collectives using domestic ELISA tests for the coronavirus antigen.

“Domestic tests are much cheaper than imported ones, they should be in any case. If there is an outbreak in a school or kindergarten, they will be quarantined, so this will ensure less spread. It is the same at enterprises” ” Kramarev stressed.

In addition, the infectious disease specialist noted that even vaccinated individuals can be carriers of COVID-19, because they are not guaranteed to be protected from a mild course of the disease, so they also need to be regularly tested for coronavirus.

“The effectiveness of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, for example, is indicated to be 70%. This means that 70% will not get sick, and 30% may not get sick with severe forms, but they will get sick. And they will be a source of infections” ” he concluded.


Note that the Ukrainian scientists of the company “Diaprof-Med” previously patented their ultra-sensitive ELISA test for the coronavirus antigen in the biological material of the respiratory tract. Due to the high sensitivity, this test detects COVID-19 seven days before the first symptoms appear and costs only 70 hryvnia.

Recall that according to the calculations of journalistsUNN, the state, buying instead of rapid tests for antigen of foreign manufacturers-ELISA – tests for antigen of Ukrainian production, can save 580 million UAH for the year. And this, for example, is the salary of 64,444 doctors.