Photos In Zmiev archaeologists discovered an ancient underground passagePhoto: Zmiyiv Museum of local lore

In the XVII century it was used to save the local residents

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In the town of Zmiev of Kharkov region accidentally discovered an ancient underground passage. It has already been dated to the seventeenth century and found that it leads to the river. This was explained in Zmiyiv Museum of local lore.

Photo: Zmiyiv Museum of local lore

The course found when the street collapsed asphalt. As usual, the pit was the entrance to a long underground passage leading directly to the river. Archaeologists believe that it was used to rescue residents during the attacks of enemies.

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“All serpents is on the underground passages leading in different directions. Most of them piled themselves or specifically covered. This finding proves once again that the dragon has much more ancient history than is commonly believed”, – said the scientists.

In the passage already found the broken jug and ceramic fragments.

Photo: Zmiyiv Museum of local lore

Officially, dragon was founded in 1640. But until this year there were military outposts and fortifications.

We will remind, in Kherson region, archaeologists have unearthed unique burial of the man who was buried together with the ducks.