The State emergency service (SES) of Ukraine told about the situation with fires in the Chernobyl zone.

  • Reuters

According to “112 Ukraine” with reference to the Department, at the present time in the Chernobyl zone the main efforts of the rescuers are aimed at fighting the four hotbeds of corruption in the forests.

It is specified that in a number of villages in this area there is a smoldering stumps, wood residues and peat.

In Goschs added that rescuers continue to extinguish pockets of fire on the territory Korogodsky, Lubyanka, Baryshevskogo, Decadesago and Denisovskogo forestry.

Just to extinguish fires in the Chernobyl zone brought 723 people involved and 154 pieces of equipment.

On 4 April it was reported that the Chernobyl exclusion zone started a forest fire. 14 th Ukrainian firemen managed to liquidate ignition.

Along with this the Ukrainian media later pointed out that the wind blew in the Chernobyl zone new fire.

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