Huge gusts of wind led to the fact that Odessa has covered this in the sandstorm, visibility in the city dropped to a few metres.

A strong storm with gusts of wind up to 40 meters per second, rain and snow, walks in the regions of Ukraine, reports “Диалог.UA”.

In particular, in some areas, Gale-force winds felled trees, unfortunately, three people died.

And in Odessa from-for a strong wind got up a real sandstorm. Dust clouds slowly already covered Malinowski, Kiev and Suvorov areas.

It is known that wind gusts up to 25 meters brought sand from the Black sea coast. Local residents complain that visibility was reduced to several meters.

Forecasters say that within a few hours the wind may have more to 28-30 meters per second.

Witnesses also post photos and videos of the weather in social networks:

We will remind, weather forecasters warned that the weather in Ukraine will overshadow the rain and wind storm.