In the world for a day found 127 thousand new cases COVID-19, and the most in USA, Brazil and Peru

KIEV. June 21. UNN. As of Sunday morning, the total number of deaths from infections caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the world is 464,029 people. In turn, recovered 4,347,162 person. It is reported by UNN with reference to the Centre for system research and engineering at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

Everything in the world 8,641,120 people infected. Per day revealed 127,165 new cases of coronavirus.

The countries with the greatest spread of the coronavirus are the USA (2,254,662), Brazil (1,032,913), Russia (576,162), India (395,048), UK (304,580), Peru (251,338), Spain (245,938), Italy (238,275), Chile (236,748), Iran (202,584), France (196,724), Germany (190,670) and Turkey (186,493).

The greatest number of deaths among the countries reported in the USA – 119,714 man, Brazil 49,976, UK – 42,674, Italy – 34,610, France and Spain 29,636 – 28,322. In China in General – 4639, one fatal case during the last 7 weeks.

We will remind, in Ukraine without new record low for the day coronavirus found 841 people.

Respiratory disease COVID-19, which causes infection of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, was first detected in China’s Hubei province, at the end of 2019. From the moment of infection with this virus have been recorded in 185 countries, including Ukraine. Since March 11, the world health organization recognized the spread of the disease – a pandemic.