The deceased had recently graduated from the national University of Indiana and worked at the zoo for about two weeks.
Illustration / REUTERS

In North Carolina zoo lion escaped from the cage in which he was placed for cleaning, and attacked 22-year-old trainee, who was cleaning the cage.

The attack Park employee was killed instantly, according to USA Today.

First the animal tried to get a tranquilizer, but it failed, so the lion was shot, to the doctors got early access to the girl.

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The deceased was Alexander black. She recently graduated from Indiana University and worked at the zoo for about two weeks. Cleaning place under the supervision of a professional animal trainer.

A large wildlife Park is situated 50 miles from the state capital, it is visited annually by about 16 thousand people. In total, the zoo live more than 80 animals, including 15 African lions. At the time of the investigation, the Park was temporarily closed.

Earlier it was reported that a caretaker for the animals in a national Park in the South of India was attacked and was killed by two young white tigers.