Live In the US, the man exposed himself to torture to support a candidate for the post of the CIAPhoto:

He faked drowning

13.05.18 102000

In the US, a former military man Tim Kennedy put himself to torture in order to support the candidacy of Gina has Haspel for the post of Director of the CIA, which is accused of involvement in the torture of terrorists, reports the Hill.

On his page in Facebook Kennedy has published a 41-minute video in which his friends simulates drowning by pouring out his mouth and nose and asked various questions.

“We did it yesterday for almost 45 minutes. Watered every time from 10 seconds to a minute. You can try to hold your breath, but water accumulates in the sinuses and flowing down the eyes and nose. That’s all. It’s not torture,” he wrote on Twitter.

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Kennedy said that his actions were not an attempt to demonstrate a veneer of bravery.

“I just wanted to show what it is really. It’s just nonsense,” said he.

According to Kennedy, he went on to prove that this process did not constitute torture and, therefore, the claim of human rights defenders to Haspel unfounded.

Candidate for the post of head of the CIA, he was named “heroine”.

We will remind, on may 7, it became known that the candidate of the President of the United States Donald trump as head of the CIA Gina Haspel asked to withdraw his candidacy for fear that the debate is now invalid in the US rigid program of interrogation that would have stained her reputation.

This program was applied to suspects of terrorism of 11 September 2001.

Have haspel that the acting head of the CIA, was chief of secret US base in Thailand, where she worked undercover. There had been in detention for two terrorism suspects who were subjected to torture – water-fencing technique which simulated drowning.