Live near Odessa established Ukraine’s largest telescopePhotos: Hail

The uniqueness lies in the fact that it was created by local experts

13.05.18 444200

Near Odessa in the village of Beacons installed the largest telescope in the Ukraine.

It is located in the Observatory of the University of Mechnikov, according to local newspaper “Grad”.

According to the Director of the astronomical Observatory of the University Sergei Andrievsky, the diameter of the mirror of the device is 80 inches.

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“Our ability – it was the peak of our work. Had to find people who will make the optics, mechanics, electronics. And we did it. And today, the telescope produces scientific products. It works for the needs of space control!”, – said Andrievsky.

Experts claim that the uniqueness of the Odessa telescope that created it in the Observatory.

Money on creating a device provided to patrons who enjoy astronomy.

Just within the University Observatory with five telescopes. Three of them in working condition, and two more plan to launch in the near future.

We will remind, in the American San Francisco astronomers in the framework of the project a Breakthrough Listen began the search for extraterrestrial life.

The researchers observed simultaneously over a million stars in the milky Way.