In the United States announced a new series of attacks, allegedly linked to the hacker “evil Corporation”


In the United States recently recorded dozens of cases of hacker attacks against large companies. Specialists Symantec has linked them with the activities of the hacker group Evil Corp, allegedly associated with the Russian special services.

In a statement on the website, Symantec says hackers tried to implant malware WastedLocker in the network infrastructure of companies. This blocks the operation of servers and demands a ransom to unlock them. Confirmed attempted attacks on 31 company, 8 of them are included in the list of 500 largest private companies in the US. Among the attacked are 5 production, 4 IT-companies and several media.

Experts attribute the program WastedLocker with the well-known hacker group Evil Corp. In the United States wanted two Russian citizens accused of involvement in the activities of this group. One of them – Maxim Jakóbiec, for the information on which the promised reward of $ 5 million. It is alleged that he engaged in hacking activities, not only for personal enrichment, but also in the interests of the FSB.

Radio “Freedom” at the end of last year revealed that Maxim Jakóbiec really connected with the Russian secret service: in 2017, he married the daughter of a former officer of special troops of FSB “Vympel” Edward Bender, head of the eponymous Association of private security companies and a charitable Foundation.

Bender also known as an avid hunter of endangered animals: in 2016, he sent a letter to Alexander Khloponin, at the time, oversaw the management of office of Deputy Prime Minister, with a request to allocate five permits for production Putorana snow sheep. In return, the club was ready to assist in the financing of programs of protection of this subspecies in the amount of 15 million rubles. Khloponin instructed the Ministry of environment “to support and prepare a pilot project for cooperation” with this club. However, Rosprirodnadzor in 2017 refused to issue permits to mine Putorana snow sheep.

In addition, the Russian hackers group Evil Corp can be associated with the criminal world. According to radio “Liberty”, co-owner of the two firms Alena Bender Otari L. Gardens can be a son of a certain Laziness of Assyria, which was considered the “right hand” of the late thief in the law Vyacheslav Ivankov.