The American Governor of Arizona Doug Dusi took the decision to impose curfew in the entire region because of the unrest caused by the deaths of African-American George Floyd.

He said this on his Twitter page.

“At the request of local authorities and in coordination with law enforcement agencies in the state and in the field, I declare a state of emergency throughout the state curfew, which begins today… and will run for one week,” he wrote.


At the request of local leaders and in coordination with state and local law enforcement, I’m issuing a statewide Declaration of Emergency, with a curfew in place starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight and effective for one week. 1/

— Doug Ducey (@dougducey) May 31, 2020

He said that the decree “gives law enforcement an additional tool to prevent lawlessness.”

Also the Governor added that the state of emergency “allows the expanded mobilization of National guard to protect life and property throughout the state”.

Earlier it was reported that because of the riots in more than ten U.S. cities were placed under curfew.