The people’s Deputy from “public Servants” and the head of
law enforcement of the Verkhovna Rada Committee Denis Monastery explained that
Ukraine’s new government has delayed the promise of the high-profile landings mentioned
in the party and the President himself Zelensky, for the reason that conducted
reform of the Prosecutor’s office. About it writes “RBC-Ukraine”.

The monastery emphasizes that some law enforcement
authorities raise questions regarding the professionalism of the staff. So, he
he cited the example of GBR and NABOO, where there was enough time to
to show the result, but it is not. With all opportunities provided to them.

The MP says that the activities of the Prosecutor’s office fell at the time
restart, but after the end of this process you can expect the result.

We will remind, last year was detained Oleg
Gladkovsky, the people’s Deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich, ex-nadep Sergei Pashinsky and ex-Deputy Yury Grymchak. However, while all of them were released and court was not.

The monastery also explained that there is also some
the problem with laws that do not allow to complete the work in a short time.

Prior to that, Zelensky said that his team has already started
to implement promised in life. Of course, many expected that would attract
criminal responsibility from all “former” and a month later
after the inauguration of the new President’s domestic prisons will be bursting at the seams
from a high-ranking thieves and corrupt officials. However, it did not work.

Earlier media reported, Petro Poroshenko really afraid of
the fact that as soon as the rating of President Vladimir Zelensky will start
to plummet, his colleagues can go on to put
the ex-President in jail.

Earlier, the RRT reported that no persecution of ex-people’s Deputy Tetiana Chornovol for political reasons is not
there is, arrest policies, no one is going.