In the Rivne region began ELISA testing plan to cover the entire area

KIEV. June 3. UNN. In the Rivne region a diagnostic on COVID-19 today are carried out by three methods: a rapid, PCR and ELISA tests. Volume ELISA testing plan to maximize using the speed of his conduct affordability. This is the website of Rivne regional state administration, reports UNN.

It is noted that the holding of ELISA — the cheapest. After all, he is only 50 hryvnia, but a quick test 350 and PCR — 2500 UAH.

“It is necessary to check the population of Central, southern and Northern parts of the region. Undergo ELISA testing in laboratories Sarny CRH, Dubno maternity hospital, Rivne Central city hospital, Rivne and public health center and the regional clinical treatment-diagnostic center. V. Polishchuk,” — said the head of the Department of health of Rivne regional state administration Oleg Vivsyany.

According to him, in the laboratories of these institutions have the appropriate equipment, there is also a plan to purchase ELISA tests. In the current regional programme for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment COVID-19 was not provided funds for ELISA testing. Therefore at session of regional Council plan to make changes and to allocate funds for the purchase of test systems. They will be distributed in accordance with the algorithm that develops the regional Department of health.

It is noted that one laboratory per shift can make up to five hundred ELISA tests. Accordingly, in the Rivne region during the day you can explore up to three thousand people.

“Mass screening of inhabitants of the region in the future will ease quarantine measures to quickly identify and localize foci of infection” — predict in the regional Department of health of Rivne regional state administration.

Recall, according to the order of Ministry of health there is a clear list of those subject ELISA testing. Patients with clinical signs of coronavirus disease, pneumonia, the contact person who needs to planned hospitalization and surgery, medical personnel and law enforcement officers.

As written by the UNN, Ukraine became the fifth country in the world that has developed its own ELISA tests. The development belongs to the national company “diaprof-Med”. And recently the company introduced a new ELISA tests for COVID-19 third generation.