Wednesday, may 6, the residents of the Forecourt of the Dnieper witnessed a rare but typical of the crime: minor boy opened fire from the Windows of the apartment houses. About it reports a press-service of the National police of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk region.

15-year-old, armed with a traumatic pistol, leaned out of the window of an apartment high-rise residential buildings and opened fire in the direction of parked cars and people. None of the bystanders were not injured. The attacker was Sergei Abramov, born in 2004.

Tellingly, the young man was filming their illegal actions on video and a live broadcast on a social network “Instagram”. His friends and followers were persuaded not to commit crimes.

“Gray, don’t do this!”, “You don’t know what you f@@will yeah?” – wrote disgruntled users.

To which the young man said bluntly: “Yes, I@@y, you’re brains will make, with the@@a!”

He continued to shoot and swearing to speak until he was detained by the police: they were called to a big brother bully. Later, the police brought to the scene and parents, and also seized weapons. The gun belonged to the father of a minor rowdy. Under current law, a person who is under 21, is not entitled to the purchase, possession and carrying of traumatic and cold weapons.

Moreover, the police counted the number of cartridges and found that in all there were 18 bullets at cars and people. But most importantly, this is not the first such outburst on the account of the teenager.

Now against the detainee are conducted quickly-investigative actions, the police decide what punishment he and his family will have to bear. It is possible that this may be a fine or imprisonment, but who will go on trial, is still unknown.

As we reported earlier, in the same Dnieper near school No. 89, unknown gunmen opened fire on people – the wounded were taken to the hospital, and the criminals fled in a car.

At the same time in Odessa, as the shooting occurred, this time the reason was a portrait of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.