In the Odessa region, died of measles five month old babyPhoto:

Save a baby’s life could be, if the level of vaccination in Ukraine has reached 95-98%.

20.02.18 29000

In Odesa region caused by measles complications and died five-months child, which was still too early to be vaccinated.

This was announced by Deputy General Director for surveillance of communicable diseases of “public health Center Ministry of health of Ukraine” Viktor Lyashko, reports espresso.

Routine vaccination this child had to do in 12 months.

“This is the case, when the responsibility for the disease and the child’s death lies with those who deliberately or due to objective reasons has not been vaccinated in previous years”, – said Lyashko.

He added that the child could be saved due to herd immunity, if the vaccination rate in Ukraine has reached 95-98%.

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According to the Center for public health, in the period 12-18 February, measles in Ukraine fell ill 827.

“It’s a little more than last week, but let’s hope that the peak incidence has already taken place in late January and the speaker will gradually decrease”, – said Lyashko.

Recall that in Vasylkiv district at the same time got measles the judge, Prosecutor and police.