KIEV. March 8. UNN. The border guards of Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi detachment in the check point “Kuchurgan” I found 100 of compasses, whose radioactivity level exceeded the norm by 10 times, reports UNN citing the press service of the gpsu.

So, in the checkpoint “Kuchurgan” on departure from Ukraine on the Moldovan vehicle registration has arrived the citizen of Ukraine. The man was carrying mail received in Odessa.

During the passage of border control load monitoring for detection of nuclear and radioactive materials “Yantar”.

Immediately the car was allotted to a dangerous distance from travelers and office premises of the checkpoint.

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“The border guards together with representatives of customs and inspector of the environmental service using a portable universal radiometer-spectrometer examined in detail the vehicle. In the car it was discovered the parcel post, the background radiation which exceeded more than 10 times the permissible limits. It turned out that such von 100 radiated compass Hadrian’s wall contained in a box”, – stated in the message.

The man explained that these compasses are carried for implementation in Moldova.

A dangerous instrument is withdrawn, the border guards told local authorities and the competent law enforcement authorities.