Live In Uzhhorod, the participants of the campaign for women’s rights spilled paintPhotos:

The attackers were detained

08.03.18 305000

In the center of Uzhgorod the participants of the campaign for equality and women’s rights on 8 March doused with red paint. This writes

“In Uzhgorod did pick up a share on March 8. The girls poured paint. Police detained about 7 of the attacking, there were a few girls,” said one of the organizers Yarina Denisyuk.

The event took place at the Theatre square in front of the puppet theater “Additive” was devoted to the rights of women and the topic of violence against women.

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“We have gathered to be reminded of the rights of women and the Istanbul Convention. Suddenly from around the corner ran out of about 8 people, and poured red simple paint for the fence. Shares had a lot of police in uniform and without, therefore, almost all caught, but the attackers have not really ran away,” added Denisyuk.

We will remind, in honor of International women’s day the Secretary-General of the United Nations, antónio Guterres, called for gender equality in all spheres, including in decision-making bodies at all levels.