The ecologist Ivan Rusev suggests that fires arranged intends. The damage amounts to tens of millions of hryvnia.
Just burned about 6 thousand hectares Facebook Ivan Rusev the Odessa area burned 6 thousand hectares of protected Tarutino steppe.

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Today Facebook announced an ecologist, former Director of the national natural Park of the reserve “Tuzlovsky limans” Ivan Rusev.

According to him, information about the fire in Tarutino steppe of the administration of the reserve received by telephone from a local resident on March 19. After reporting group NPP “Tuzlovsky limans” quickly went to the scene, conducted a survey and made appropriate shooting with quadrocopter. It is established that the fires in the protected steppe took place in several stages.

“Just burned about 6 thousand hectares as protected territory of the landscape wildlife area “Tarutino steppe” and in adjacent areas of the wild steppe, which was proposed for inclusion in the national natural Park “Tarutino steppe”. The damage from the fires to natural ecosystems and biodiversity in the tens of millions,” wrote Rusev.

Tarutino steppe is one of the largest preserved in Ukraine fragments of steppe ecosystems Facebook Ivan Rusev

The ecologist notes that to extinguish the fire in the desert is much easier than, for example, in wetlands of the Dniester, which recently burned to the ground in different places about 1 thousand hectares. thus, according to him, in the desert, no one has taken action to eliminate fire. The ecologist suggests that fires arranged intends.

“With the intention of preparing for future criminal plowing, as it was in August 2016, under the auspices of careless generals, who wished to enrich themselves (the Ecologist argues that to burning to release land for plowing are related to the military – the UNIAN).”, – said Rusev.

He has published photos, which depicted the burned steppe conservation and what it was in the spring of last year and also live with the “horror of the extent of destruction of protected Tarutino steppe”.

Such a step was in the spring of last year Facebook Ivan Rosu

According to environmentalists, the main value of the reserve ecosystem forb-fescue-feather grass and fescue-feather grass of virgin and secondary steppes. From living here almost 40 animals of the species listed in the Red book of Ukraine. In the reserve there are, in particular, rare species of birds and Mysovka steppe (South), the population of which is one of the last in Ukraine.

Reference to UNIAN. Tarutino steppe is one of the largest preserved in Ukraine fragments of steppe ecosystems, the object of natural reserve Fund of the Odessa region, a landscape reserve of local importance.

The reserve is located in the tarutinsky district of Odessa region. In constant use Veselopodolyanskaya village Council.

The reserve occupies part of the former tarutinskiy military ground, established in 1946. In it was composed of agricultural land, and several resettled after creating it sat. In 2005 was accepted the decision on liquidation of the polygon. Since then, the confrontation Tarutino RGA and the Ministry of defence for the right to dispose of the lands of the former landfill.