In the center of Lugansk there are 150 armed men and 30 armored vehicles, – OSCE

The mission also notes the disconnect in Lugansk TV and radio


Observers hmm OSCE fixed in the center of Lugansk, about 30 armored vehicles and 150 armed men unmarked. This is stated in the report of the monitoring mission, reports 112 Ukraina.

As stated in the mission, a substantial force of armored vehicles and men in camouflage are located near the former building of the Luhansk Department of the interior.

“On the morning of 21 November outside the former interior Ministry building on the street Lunacharskogo, 38 in the center of Lugansk, the OSCE observers have noticed that the stretch of the street was cordoned off, and saw about 150 armed men and about 30 vehicles, including about three to five APCS, three trucks of military type, and approximately two to three military vehicles in the area,” reads the report.

The OSCE also claim that on November 21 from debaltseve in the direction of Lugansk moved a column of armored vehicles.

That morning, observers saw a convoy of two armored personnel carriers, six military trucks and about 20 cars, all stationary, as well as about 50 armed men in military uniforms with white bands on the shoulders, some of which were in Balaklava, near debaltseve. Later that same day, the OSCE saw the same convoy, which was probably the same as earlier in debaltseve, on the highway M04, near the militant-controlled ORLO Tarasovka.

Observers confirm that in Lugansk are not working, the television and radio broadcasting.

We will remind, on November 21 in Luhansk the situation deteriorated. In the center of the city, brought military equipment and “security forces LNR”, were closed roads and blocked the work of the institutions. Later it became known about the conflict between two groups of militants led by the leader of “LNR” Igor Plotnitsky and “interior Minister” Igor Cornet. Late in the evening local residents published in social networks a video which to Lugansk from Donetsk comes a convoy of military vehicles allegedly bearing identification marks of “DNR”.

November 22, Carpenter stated that he did not leave the area ORLO.