Dangerous natural phenomenon circling in the mountains.

Ukrainian photographer Paul Brewer never ceases to share amazing photos of nature. This time Paul managed to capture the Carpathian tornado.

Bewitching the photographer posted on his page on “Facebook”.

According to Paul, he went up into the mountains to do a couple of good shots, but the storm overtook him. The photographer decided to hide from the storm in a small cave.

“The way to shalanki on vgscan akikos two or three cometry od mene otvoris otaki of the tornado. He krutilsya the lightest, nache ncadi not popsa,” writes Brewer in the microblog.

Taking a few shots of a tornado, the photographer noticed that he dropped something big. The storm broke out even more. In the Carpathians began, hail the size of quail eggs.

“Then pochavsya not kinets svitu. Grad Lupin on Selah, and after joining Demba shte th vtrginia s dosem. Otak Budni landscape photographer from the mountains,” he added.

We will remind, Ukrainians recorded on camera dangerous natural phenomenon – a tornado that swept in several regions of Ukraine. In Ternopil region atmospheric vortex was so strong that blew off roofs of several homes.

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Alena Doroshenko