In the air Vinnitsa not exceed the level of harmful substances

Conducted chemical and radiological measurements


The level of harmful substances in the air on the territory of Vinnytsia does not exceed normal values. It is reported on his page in Facebook Vinnytsia city Council with reference to laboratory data.

“In connection with the emergency situation related to the fire at the warehouses near Kalinovka and considering the possible impact of combustion products on air quality, the specialists of the state institution “Vinnytsia regional laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine”… carried out a laboratory study of the content of harmful substances in the air on the territory of the city of Vinnytsia”, – stated in the message of the city Council.

According to the laboratory tests exceeded the level of harmful substances in the winery there.

According to their results the content of nitrogen dioxide in air is fixed at 0.03 mg/m3 (at maximum permissible concentration of 0.2 mg /m3), the level of carbon monoxide was 3.4 mg/m3 (while maximum permissible concentration 5.0 mg/m3).

The content of sulfur dioxide was below the level of sensitivity of the research method.

Thus, exceedances of maximum allowable concentrations of the content of those harmful substances in the atmospheric air on the territory of Vinnytsia was not detected.

According to the results of radiological measurements of gamma background average level is 17 billion/year, which is the natural background level for the winery.

Recall, September 26, at about 22:00 in the warehouses of the APU, located near the village of Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region, started a fire with the detonation of ammunition. The Arsenal was kept 188 thousand tons of ammunition in the area of 60 hectares.

According to recent reports, employees of Public service of emergency situations evacuated about 30 thousand people. Also gschs liquidated ignition 4 houses caused by falling of ammunition.

On 27 September, the armed forces General staff reported that a review of the air showed that 70% of the military Arsenal near Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region, where the day before the fire broke out and began to explode ammunition, was not injured.