Announced official results of the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan

92,73% of those who took part in the referendum voted for independence


The population of Iraqi Kurdistan voted overwhelmingly for independence held on Monday, 25 September referendum. About it reports Russian service of the BBC.

According to the electoral Commission of Kurdistan, 92,73% participated in the referendum voted for the independence of this Autonomous territory. 7,27% opposed.

Overall, the referendum was attended by about 3.3 million people, approximately 72% of the electorate.

The leader of Iraqi Kurds Massoud Barzani said that the results of the voting will not lead to an immediate Declaration of independence, but should open the door to negotiations.

Kurdish leaders are convinced that they now have the mandate to negotiate with Baghdad about the separation.

A referendum has caused sharp criticism of the Iraqi government and Iraq’s neighbouring countries. Baghdad until the last moment demanded its abolition.

“The referendum should be cancelled. You need to start a dialogue in the framework of the Constitution. We will never engage in negotiations on the results of the referendum,” – said on the eve of the vote, the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider Abadi.

“We set the Iraqi laws throughout the territory of Kurdistan in accordance with the Constitution,” promised the Iraqi Prime Minister, speaking before members of Parliament.

Iraqi Parliament urged the government to send troops to Kurdistan to take control of major oil fields in Kurdish territory.

Iraqi authorities asked foreign governments to close their diplomatic missions in Erbil, capital of Kurdistan.

Many fear that the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan will lead to a new regional conflict.

The delegation of the Iraqi military, according to Reuters, has already gone to Iran to coordinate response.

Iran and Turkey also oppose the separation of Kurdistan. On the days of their army began joint military exercises in the border with Kurdistan areas. Iraq has also conducted joint military maneuvers Turkey.