In Stuttgart unknown shot in the window of a hookah in the background of the recent terrorist attack

KIEV. On 23 February. UNN. Unknown shot in the window of a hookah in the German city of Stuttgart, no one was hurt. This was reported in the newspaper Der Spiegel, reports UNN.

The proprietor noticed the marks from the shots in the evening, at that moment no one in the building was not. When exactly the incident occurred, is unknown. The investigation is underway. Significant details are given.

The incident attracted the attention of local media on the background of the tragedy, which occurred Wednesday in the town of Hanau. Then, 20 February, in the German city of Hanau 43-year-old Tobias R. opened fire at two hookah bars of the city, killing nine people. An attacker in their own home shot his 72-year-old mother and committed suicide.

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According to law enforcement, the victims of the attacks were from 21 to 44 years. All nine dead in hookah bars had migratory roots. Among them were both German and foreign nationals, including Turkish.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany has classified the attack as a terrorist act committed on racist grounds.