Citizens who are likely to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 and become carriers, but are unable to isolate themselves at home because of their work, is invited to move into specially prepared for these purposes the hotel

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In Moscow, the doctors working with the “comicname” patients will be free to live in hotels / Nezgovorov Michael

The Ministry of health in Spain to combat the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 and reduce the number of infected and deaths from coronavirus infection have developed and implemented a program of “Noah’s ark”. This is an original program of self-isolation should help persons at risk. Citizens who are likely to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 and become carriers, but are unable to isolate themselves at home because of their work, is invited to move into specially prepared for these purposes, hotels, dormitories and recreation centers.

Accommodation for these residents for free, will have to pay only the food, partially. The program of the Ministry of health focused primarily on health workers, who by virtue of their profession are constantly in contact with sick COVID-19 and can be infected themselves or infecting their loved ones, reports Deutsche Welle.

But the services of the “Noah’s ark” may resort and asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2, which when tested by a virus. Although obvious signs of disease have no such people, they are dangerous to others. You can count on settling into the ark and the people who presumably might have been exposed but have not yet received the test results.

In Moscow, too, had such a program for doctors with “comicname” patients
In the US, 15 of thousands of hotels to give their rooms doctors

As reported in the press service of the Ministry of health of Spain, the program is still “in the initial phase”. In some regions it is already working, others while just trying to prepare a list of hotels for the accommodation of patients, and anywhere from it completely refuse. Abandoned the “ark” in the Canaries, as there is little sick and all who want to isolate themselves can be placed in empty offices clinics.

The program is already being implemented in Navarre and the Balearic Islands, the Autonomous communities of Aragon and Valencia and in the Spanish capital. In Madrid, where, according to estimates of the Ministry of health, “a particularly complex epidemiological situation”, under the “ARKS” have taken 21 hotel. They have resettled 1,600.

38-year-old Antonio for two weeks already lives in turned into “the ark” hotel-dormitory for graduate students at the Complutense University of Madrid, located in the Metropolitan suburb of Pozuelo. He works as a nurse in one of Madrid’s hospitals, his responsibilities include reception delivered at the “emergency” patients. “When the epidemic began, we had no protective equipment – no gloves, no masks nor costumes. And I feared not for myself but for wife and children – 6-year-old Carlota and 4-year-old Pablito, says the nurse. – Come home in the evening – children, as usual, come to me. Wife tries to hold them, and I lock myself in the bedroom. Children do not understand, crying. Carlota shouts that daddy stopped loving her. Pablito asks why dad never kisses him at night.”

When Antonio proposed to move to a hotel for the isolation, he, by his own admission, “did not hesitate a single minute.” “The wife Packed up and I was here live for the second week. The children said that daddy went on a business trip, we now communicate only by phone. According to the rules I can’t get close to the other guests, because some of them may be infected with a virus. And I myself are not insured against it, ” he explains.

Serving guests of hotel workers in the protection. They disinfect, clean the rooms, deliver meals directly to the room.

Madrid quickly managed to prepare “ARKS” as the head of the Moscow region Isabel díaz Also did not wait for funding from the Ministry of health. She gathered in his office the leaders of the Madrid hotel business and asked them to show solidarity: to provide free places for those who want to isolate themselves.

The finances of the Madrid government is limited, so local sponsors, according to the newspaper El Mundo, are paying for the service and half the cost of the food in the “ark”. Antonio confirms that he will have to pay only for meals – about 200 euros per month. However, in his case, these costs may take the hospital where he works. It is expected that the “ark” in Madrid, will become more and more, and their number may rise to 283. They can accommodate 11 000 people.

In Moscow, the doctors working with the “comicname” patients will be free to live in hotels

Note that in Russia for physicians who work with patients COVID+, also operates a similar program for free stays at hotels near hospitals to protect family doctors have no contact with possible carriers of the virus.

All the medical staff of Moscow, fighting the spread of the new coronavirus infection, given free accommodation, meals and other services in the capital hotels near health care facilities.

As the head of the Moscow Department of trade and services Alexei nemeryuk, this will allow you to protect loved ones physicians from the risk of infection, minimize contact with the external environment, as well as give them the opportunity to recuperate in a comfortable environment.

The capital’s hotels, which house doctors, stepping up security and is additionally equipped their area with disinfectants.

Free accommodation medical staff of Moscow’s hotels provide:
“Grand Hotel” (network Marriott),
Tverskaya (Marriott),
New Arbat (Marriott),
“Smolensk” (chain Azimut),
“Tula” (a network of Azimut),
“Olimpik” (chain Azimut),
“Seliger” (Holiday Inn)
“Taganskaya” (Holiday Inn)
“Baumanskaya” (Holiday Inn Express)
Sheraton Palace
Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre,
Hilton Garden Inn Moscow Krasnoselskaya,
hotel KristInn,
tourist complex “VEGA”,
the hotel “salute”,
Courtyard Marriott Paveletskaya
Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya,
Radisson Blu “Olympic”.

All of these hotels are in close proximity to health facilities, which house patients with confirmed disease, and observational agencies.

By decision of the government of Moscow, the hotels participating in the program, grants are allocated from the reserve Fund, the payment is made on the basis of the actual number of health workers and days of their stay at the hotel.

In the US, 15 of thousands of hotels to give their rooms doctors

The hotel industry around the world provides the physicians who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, the possibility of living in hotels, to protect their families from possible infection.

The giants of this market already announced that he would give the medical staff room: for the quarantine, isolation or just rest between shifts.

In the U.S., where on April 12, for the first time in the history of the country in all States were declared a state of large-scale disaster, more than 15 thousand hotels has declared its readiness to participate in the program “Hospitality for hope” (Hospitality for Hope). Launched her American Association of hotels and apartments AHLA. First and foremost rooms can provide medical personnel, but a number of hotels are ready to equip the area under the temporary ambulance station.

The hotel has allocated 3.4 million rooms, all – close to health facilities.

The Hilton chain has announced that it will Finance not only “your” hotels – the Hilton brands, but also the franchise as well as “friendly” independent hotels. The room will be available to physicians with the first decade of April until the end of may.

Marriott Bonvoy c 8 APR launched its own program – Rooms for Responders. Target investments have $ 10 million: this will last about 100 thousand nights staff.

First hotels to open in medical staff most affected by the pandemic in US cities: new York, Newark, Washington (D.C.), Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Las Vegas and New Orleans.