In South Korea, the janitor found 7 kilos of gold in a dumpsterPhoto: NBU via flickr

If the owner does not show up, the janitor would get 327 thousand dollars

01.05.18 124000

At the international airport Incheon (South Korea) a janitor found in a dumpster seven kilo gold bars with a total value of 327 thousand dollars. About this South China Morning Post

Police identified the owner of gold bullion came to the conclusion that the conclusion that he abandoned them out of fear of being caught. If the owner during six months does not make a claim for lost gold, it is in accordance with South Korean law will go to the janitor.

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In the case of the owner, the janitor will still be able to count the amount of from 5% to 20% of the market price of gold. However, if you find that the gold is associated with criminal activity, the janitor gets nothing.

Earlier in the sky above Yakutia from an An-12 aircraft suddenly dropped gold bars with a total weight of 3.4 tons.