Prague, a monument to Marshal Konev, 1 Sep 2019

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Prague, a monument to Marshal Konev, 25 may 2011

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Unknown set the toilet in place of the demolished monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague, the police are investigating, according to the Czech Agency ČTK, citing the press-Secretary of police of Jan Daneck.

The toilet appeared in the night of may 9. The mayor of the district Prague 6 ondřej kolář condemned the action, the municipality removed the bowl from the pedestal. “If someone needs to Express themselves in this way in the days when celebrated the end of world war II, then in his mind the feces,” said Kolar.

In conversation with RIA “Novosti” Jan Danek reported that on the morning the police received a call from a man who came to lay flowers at the pedestal in honor of Victory Day and found that it has “bowl of foam with a height of about two meters.” The police quickly arrived on the scene, but by the time the pedestal was empty, and the toilet was standing next to him. The incident has not received a legal assessment.

If you ever thought that Prague’s Konev statue saga was over with removing it, you were wrong.

— Mark Krutov (@kromark) May 9, 2020

The monument to Marshal Konev in Prague dismantled 3 APR. Itself its installation in 1980 for many years caused controversy. Defenders of the monument belonged to him as a symbol of victory over fascism. Supporters of the removal or transfer of the monument celebrated the role Konev in suppressing the Hungarian national uprising in 1956, and his possible participation in the preparation of the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops in Czechoslovakia in 1968.

In recent years, the statue was repeatedly subjected to vandalism. Proposals to move it, for example, on the territory of the Russian Embassy, were met by the Russian side indignation. The demolition of the monument to the complicated relations of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic. Oil poured into the fire history of that in Prague allegedly came a Russian citizen with a Russian diplomatic passport, carrying the deadly poison ricin, the action is similar with COVID-19.

This man, according to the Czech magazine Respekt, allegedly is actually a member of the intelligence and its dangerous cargo may have been intended for mayor (of primator) of Prague Zdenek Griba, the mayor of the district Prague 6 and ondřej Kolář mayor of the district of Reporyje Pavel Novotny. Politicians took under state protection.

Kolar complained to the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on inadequate Russian reaction to the demolition of the monument to Konev, and threats to municipal politicians, including death threats. After the April protests outside the Embassy of Czech Republic in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Czech foreign Ministry decided to send in the Russian Federation employees of his security services to protect diplomats.