The police van carrying the accused got in an accident, the victims in this accident no.
In Odessa on the territory of the prison, the attacker killed and dismembered the employee of the detention center / photo by UNIAN

In Odessa, the court adjourned the trial about the murder and dismemberment of women-inspectors of the prison, committed in August 2017, due to an accident involving the vehicle carrying the accused.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, about it it became known today in Malinovsky district court of Odessa, which considered the above-mentioned criminal proceedings.

In particular, on Monday, he planned a new meeting, at which the accused Vasily Camerina was supposed to deliver from the Nikolaev pre-trial detention, in which a man was transferred from Odessa in order to ensure its security.

As noted by the Chairperson of the Board of Malinovsky of regional court Alexey Starikov, he does not know how the police van transporting Chemerisy, got in an accident. The victims in this accident no, the meeting was postponed due to the loss of time spent on execution by police officers of a traffic accident.

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The next meeting is scheduled for December 12.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on August 17, 2017 in Odessa on the territory of the prison, the attacker killed and dismembered the employee insulator Alain Poroshenko.

On suspicion in murder has been detained 39-the summer man who was in prison. An attacker previously brought to criminal responsibility under article 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. At the time of the murder the inspector of the insulator has been under investigation in connection with the Commission of a robbery (article 187 of the UCU).

The police on the murder launched an investigation under part 2 of article 115 UK of Ukraine (premeditated murder committed by a person who previously committed premeditated murder), the Prosecutor of the region on the fact of official negligence and improper performance of duties by prison staff, which has helped the prisoner commit this crime (part 2 of article 367 of the criminal code), torture, etc.

August 19, the suspect elected a measure of restraint in form of detention. For security purposes, he was transported to Nikolaev pre-trial detention.

The case is suspect considering Malinovsky district court of Odessa. During one of the sessions, the defendant stated that he killed the inspector allegedly at the request of two people who threatened him, the employee of the Odessa prison and the prisoner, who has already released. Allegedly, the crime was ordered to replace him as “the warden”.