In Odessa region the drunk man cut off the ear of a villager for the theft of products

The attacker faces up to eight years in prison

03.01.19 73000

In Odessa region militiamen detained the man who is suspected of beating and maiming his countrymen on the new year night.

About it reports a press-service of the national police in the Odessa region.

“31-year-old attacker would first beat the victim, and when he lost consciousness, he cut off his ear. Now the offender is detained as article 208 Criminally-the procedural code of Ukraine”, – told in police.

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At about midnight of January 1 in the 48-year-old man came in drunk villager with a claim that he allegedly stole from the house of food. The result was a scuffle, the intruder began to beat the owner, and when he lost consciousness, with a knife cut off his ear and left.

The suspect the man withdrew the crime tool – a knife. He faces imprisonment for a term of five to eight years.

We will remind, the Odessa police tracked down in the capital a group of psychics scams. They offer their magic services at a price from 40 to 60 thousand dollars. Now 40-year-old “healer” and her two accomplices, 1987, and 1988 years of birth, was detained. One of them was discovered cartridges of 7.62 mm.