“Kivan, and pearls-false” Odessans protested against the unprincipled development of the city the next skyscrapers.

28 March in Odessa on Dumskaya square was quite a large rally against the emergence of another high-rises, which builds a Syrian businessman Adnan Kivan.

The action was timed to the evening meeting of the Executive Committee.

“No monsters Kevan”, “Odessa – a tourist town, not a city Cadora”, “Kiwan, where the parks are?”, “Pearls lot, and the hospital one. Why?” – written on the placards of the protesters.

The citizens have addressed the city authorities with a request to stop unscrupulous and disfiguring city building “pearls”. They recalled that the Syrian Builder earns money by selling apartments in high rise buildings, but did not care about the infrastructure – there are no kindergartens, no schools, no parks. In places where high-rise buildings built from “Cadorna” at peak times, formed a huge traffic jams. “The developer thinks only about their personal enrichment and does not invest a penny in the Odessa,” – said the protesters.

Citizens came out to support the activists of the public organization “Nashe Misto Odessa”. “We are ready to deal with other developers who disfigure our city. Kiwane we’re talking about, because everyone is silent – bought or scared. Attempts to influence of nodding on the part of city government lead to the fact that he orders journalists from Europe for a film with his “pearl” activists. However, not all agree to “paid”. Oddly enough, but this film was removed for some reason, the editor on the culture of one of the German sites,” – said the activists.

In parallel, under the building of the city Council held another rally – activists who demand from the city government not to make in the Summer theatre and concert halls, but to create the Park. The company was the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko.

Note, public organization “Nashe Misto Odessa” prepared and sent three requests to the public authorities in order to obtain a legal assessment of the activities of the developer Adnan Kevan.