Not yet decided whether to replace the chestnuts on more hardy trees.Chestnuts, plane-trees or cherry – in the capital wondering what trees to plant on Khreschatyk street. Pick those who would not have shrunk.

About it it is told in TSN plot.

The unrest came to the Verkhovna Rada, where the salvation of chestnuts gathered a parliamentary Subcommittee. Chestnuts in front of the KSCA again shrunk and cut them again. The Deputy Klitschko the whole Assembly, which after the topic of heating and the tariffs, was filled with trees. Reporters tell how badly is the chestnuts on Khreshchatyk.

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Already thinking to replace them with others more hardy trees. Last year the public to choose put of the experimental seedlings. Of the offered seedlings of Kiev gave the majority of votes for chestnuts, sycamore and cherry. However, to protect the chestnut trees stood people in social networks began to write “chestnuts above all else.” A Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada even held a round table on how to protect the symbol of the capital.

Experts say that the plane trees – large allergens, and “Zelenstroy” throws up his hands, what eats chestnuts mol.

There have been attempts to plant chestnuts “Briti” this moth is resistant to. They spent a few million, solemnly planted, but after a few months they bloomed the wrong color and it turned out that the chestnuts were not expensive “Brite”, and the usual horse.

How to plant trees, from year to year not to transplant – has created a working group. While there are to think on the spot withered chestnut trees no trees will not be planted.