Before you plunge into the icy waters of the Black sea, Odessa walrus gave a costumed performance.
In Odessa celebrated the international Day of the walrus / photo Alexander Rymanov / Umscamera theatrical action said the Odessa international walrus Day.

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The celebration took place Saturday morning on the beach “Zolotoy Bereg” (16th station of the Fountain). Before you plunge into the icy waters of the Black sea, Odessa walrus staged costume drama — Neptune with his entourage of mermaids to be accepted to the walrus-starters.

As I told “Duma” the mastermind of the event Dmitry Yurkin, the celebration in this format takes place for the second year in a row, and the number of people willing to join the ranks of hardened steadily increasing.

“Walruses are residents of a particular country. We have a Neptune and its marine life, — Dmitry joked. We always welcome new members. So we promote a healthy lifestyle to people in our country became more.”

The celebration was held at the Gold coast beach / photo Alexander Rymanov / Duma

While Pash interviewee recalls: before hardening must be checked by a doctor. “There are serious contraindications. If you have chronic diseases of heart, lungs or kidneys. If you have any inflammation, it is better to swim in the summer,” said the walrus.

By the way, the water today by the standards of walruses cannot warm as much as 9 degrees. The “official” water for winter swimming eight and below.

In spite of this, a rite of passage failed. The seven newcomers are first bathed in the sea, and then handed them diplomas.