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The appearance of the prototype is constantly changing

22.05.18 277000

Odessa aviation plant continues to improve technical characteristics of the aircraft Y1 “Delfin”, which has recently launched.

According to many aviation experts, the “Dolphin” there is a good chance to become not only a kind of air taxi for businessmen, but “training school” for aviation universities and schools, reports “Duma”.

It is noted that despite the fact that the aircraft factory is part of the “Ukroboronprom”, the development of the aircraft is conducted on the own funds of the enterprise.

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The appearance of the prototype is constantly changing. Two months ago the plant was bought for Y1 batch of three-bladed screws in Europe, they are installed on the new Board. The heart of the machine – 230-strong diesel engine of the French firm Safran, working on aviation kerosene.

“Changes to the design are made nearly every day, and it’s not a quick process. A few days ago, engineers developed the new engine with the updated air supply system for cooling of the cylinder heads and oil. With improvements made after each flight,” he told a military test pilot Oleg Synytsia.

According to engineers, the “Dolphin” has now quite an economical car. On the flight mode, it consumes about 30 liters per hour, and cruising at a speed of 280 km/h – not more than 25, which is much smaller than the harness sports cars.