In new York city, killed the head of a mafia clan GambinoPhoto: New York Post

Francesco Cali was 53 years old, he is also known as Frankie Fight

14.03.19 31100

Yesterday in new York killed Francesco Cali, which is considered one of the leaders of the mafia clan Gambino. He was 53 years old, he is also known as Frankie Boy.

The police has so far refrained from official comments, writes The New York Times, but we know that he was shot with a gun outside a home in the area of Staten island.

It is noted that the Gambino clan among the so-called big five families (Gambino, bonnano, Colombo, Genovese, Lucchese) is a leading criminal groups of immigrants from Italy and their descendants, living in new York and the surrounding area.

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The boss of the clan Frankie Fight was in 2015 when his powers due to old age folded Domenico Cefalu, one of the most respected natives of Sicily in the underworld of new York. The significance of this murder is the fact that in addition to the police investigation leads and the FBI.

As previously reported by the Focus:

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