The recent agreement of the Trilateral contact group (TAG) on opening two new border crossing points on the demarcation line probably doomed to failure. Talking about that right in the “Republic”.

A statement about the problem with the construction of the said Telegram separatist channel “Lugansk insider”.

“The opening of the checkpoint “Happiness” and “gold”… may not happen including the fact that “LC” can be problems with the construction of infrastructure PPTK,” – said the resource.

He said that because of the corruption of the authorities of the unrecognized “LNR”. Yet even projects of border crossing points, the beginning of their construction, however.

“Designing in “the Republic” is a serious problem, the roots of which lie in the interesting politics “of the Ministry of construction and housing and communal services”. The essence of this policy is simple: “Minzhkh” for the implementation of the project sends all in a private firm, which offers such rates that simply do nothing to build, and repair”, – told the “Luhansk insider”.

He added that to solve this question is using a giant “undo” the occupation authorities.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that in “DNR” growing dissatisfaction with the militants on the background of the scandal with PPC “Packed” the symbol of Russia.

We also wrote that the inhabitant of Lugansk admitted, “LC” useless, run away those who have recently supported the “Republic”.

Tatiana Shevchenko