Photo: Ulan Bator /

The Special Offer “Year Zelensky. The year of revenge. #Stopevent” was held at the Independence square in Central Kiev on Sunday

Photo: Ulan Bator /

The Special Offer “Year Zelensky. The year of revenge. #Stopevent” was held at the Independence square in Central Kiev on Sunday, the correspondent of “Interfax-Ukraine”. On the square gathered about a thousand people with national symbols and flags of political parties “national body”, the “Democratic axe” and public organization “Business communities”.

People stand with national flags, however, is dominated by party flags, UNIAN reports.

The event was organized by the resistance Movement to surrender, urged to come on may 24 at Independence and under the local administration at the district and regional centers, to Express disagreement with the policy of President Vladimir Zelensky.

Protesters are calling on President Vladimir Zelensky “stop the policy of capitulation to Russia.” This is one of the main demands of the action. “Negotiations with Moscow can only be that the invader as quickly as possible and without any conditions liberated the occupied territories and had to pay damages to Ukraine”, – they emphasize.

In addition, the protesters demand to stop the attack on the Ukrainian language and to comply with the language legislation, to continue the policy of de-communization, “not to revive the Russian-Soviet symbols.”

Also among the requirements – “to stop the sabotage of the Euro-Atlantic integration and to renew Ukraine’s rapprochement with NATO and the EU and to remove the oligarchs from government. They also demanded an end to appoint to high government office relatives, “kvartalova” and “henchmen of Yanukovych”.

The rally began at 14.00 (time coincides with Moscow). The column of participants of the action “the Year Zelensky. The year of revenge. #Stopevent” marched to Independence square in downtown Kiev in the direction of European square.

Protesters marched through the Khreshchatyk street to European square, where they installed the red and black flag at the place where the lost the first participant in the events on the Maidan in February 2014, and paid tribute to the other victims.

Next, the activists marched up the street Grushevskogo. Their goal is to come to Mariinsky Park and then to the house at Grushevskogo 9a, where, according to them, owns nedvizhimostyu the President of Ukraine.
The activists pasted the fence and gate around the house with leaflets to your requirements, and lit flares during the national anthem.

After the protest announced the termination, people began to disperse.
In the center of Kiev, including near the venue of the rally, staffed by several dozen police officers. The situation at the protest peaceful.