Photo: iStock/Global Images Ukraine

In Kiev registered 5 cases of acute intestinal infection, likely associated with the consumption of food in school catering. About it reports a press-service of Gospodarevskaya.

According to the report, the cases were registered over the period 15.02.2018 for 19.02.2018 State institution “laboratory of the Kiev city center MOH Ukraine”.

“From an epidemiological anamnesis it is established that all patients see their illness from eating food purchased in foodservice, all cases ordered and ate sushi “Philadelphia”, – is told in the message.

Three patients were hospitalized.

Today the specialists of Gospodarevskaya with GU “the Kyiv city laboratory center MOH Ukraine” started an unscheduled inspection of food service establishments.

In June 2017 in Kiev there was a mass poisoning in sushi, OOO Sushi Land dmitrievskogo, 2A. Patients associated their poisoning with the consumption of sushi California, Philadelphia, Eel, Golden dragon. Injured 39 people.

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