In Kharkov want to close the Mall due to violations of fire safety rulesPhoto: Commander

Firefighters checked only 13% of the objects and found 1273 violations

24.04.18 6000

In Kharkov during the check of observance of norms of fire safety on objects with mass stay of people was discovered 1273 violations. This reports the press service of the Kharkiv city Council.

While to date, tested only 88 of 672 objects: 23 – the trading and cultural-entertaining institutions (identified 425 violations), four medical institutions (37 violations), 61 school (811 violations).

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The results of the verification are preparing lawsuits to stop the work of five of shopping and leisure facilities, including a shopping center.

“Leaders handed acts and regulations to eliminate violations, 73 head brought to administrative responsibility. Preparing lawsuits to stop the work of five of shopping and leisure facilities, including SEC “Dafi”, – said the head of the Kharkiv city Department gschs Vladimir Yurchenko.

The first Deputy mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov, said that the results of raids in places of mass stay of people is very disappointing.

“Yes, the work was done, but there is a feeling that the MOE resting on its laurels, as if all is well. Actually – this is a real disaster. “Duffy” was closed evacuation entrances, people just didn’t know how to evacuate, and the object still works! I wanted to take tough measures to restore order, despite the individual owners. At some sites there are flagrant violations, endangering the lives of people, when locked emergency exits, not working notification system and fire, not even fire extinguishers. They still work” – he concluded.

We will remind, after a tragic fire in the Russian Kemerovo with numerous victims, the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman ordered to check in Ukraine shopping and entertainment centres, schools and kindergartens on the subject of fire safety.