In Kharkov. the musician Andrey KuzmenkoAndrey Kuzmenko/Photo:

The installation will be erected near the metro station Nauchnaya

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In April in Kharkov, creative group Kailas-V start to paint a mural dedicated to famous Ukrainian musician Andrei Kuzmenko (Kuzma Skryabin), who died in 2015.


On Monday, April 16, said the mayor Gennady Kernes.

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She said that the mural will appear near the metro station Nauchnaya.


“For their work, they (artists) chose a photograph taken during the Kharkov photo shoot Kuzma. The portrait will be done in a photorealistic style,” Kernes wrote.


He also said that Kailas-V is working on another project in the city centre, which is planning to implement together with well-known street art artist from the UK Fanakapan’ohms.


“The artist is constantly experimenting with texture, light, shadow, reflections, which allowed him to achieve in his works impressive 3D results. In Kharkiv will appear at the end of the house along Independence Avenue, 17. After a long dialogue Fanakapan’and friends from Kharkiv creative group Kailas-V was born a fun and easy sketch, which, as the author hopes, will improve the mood of the Kharkiv”, – wrote Kernes.


We will note, earlier in the Pechersk district of Kyiv has opened a mural with the image of Pope John Paul II.