The first finalist, as expected, became “Kiev-basket” conducting nyneshnii season without a defeat.

But in the second semi-final a few had a sudden and serious intrigue…


Game # 1

KIEV-BASKET – SEAGULL – 85:66 (24:21, 21:13, 20:15, 20:19)

“Kiev-basket”: Gorobets (22 + 8 rebounds + 5 steals), Kraevskaya (19 + 8 assists), Jurkevicius (15 + 14 rebounds), olkhovyk (13 + 5 rebounds + 8 assists), Skorbatyuk (7 + 4 assists).

“The Seagull” (Berdyansk): Tsekova (26), Radulovic (21 + 8 rebounds), Lyashko (10 + 4 assists).

Match No. 2

SEAGULL-YOUTH – KIEV-BASKETBALL – 63:80 (25:23, 13:12, 13:23, 12:22)

Chayka: Radulovic (15 + 6 rebounds), Foreman (13 + 5 rebounds), Tsekova (11 + 3 steals), Lyashko (10), Popov (8 + 4 assists).

“Kiev-basket”: olkhovyk (22 + 12 rebounds), Stepanyuk (17 + 5 rebounds), Kraevskaya (12 + 7 rebounds + 6 assists + 6 steals), Afanasyev (11), Gorobets (8 + 5 rebounds).

Veterans Berdyansk team Irina Tsekova and Aleksandra Radulovic and so made it virtually impossible, dragging it to the best four. Let me remind you that in the decisive match for an exit in the semi-finals of “the Seagull-youth” in a tense match defeated the Kiev “Dynamo-NPU”, and both played a key role in this.

But to create a sensation and in the reporting confrontation with another representative of the capital “Kiev-Basket” it was not. Still, a former coach of the national team of Ukraine Vladimir Holopov was much more skilled performers, so in this pair, the intrigue was the place to be only to the equator of the match in Berdyansk. Before him Radulovic and Tsekova, with good support from a young reserve, I managed to achieve a three-point handicap. But when after a rest on the full joined leaders from Kiev olkhovyk Anna and Olga Kraevskaya, bowl weight finally tipped in favor of “Kiev-Basket”.

However, Berdyansk women’s basketball team in any case deserve praise for the intransigence and the will to win.


Game # 1

INTERKHIM – EXACTLY – 60:70 (18:25, 20:13, 13:20, 9:12)

“Interchem” (Odessa): Carp (22 + 14 rebounds), Kolibabchuk (13 + 4 steals), Musienko (9 + 4 assists + 4 interception), Sergeeva (9 + 5 assists).

“Exactly”: Kasatkina (21 + 6 rebounds), shmatova (18 + 7 rebounds), Dubas (11 + 6 rebounds + 5 assists), Krasnikov (9).

Match No. 2

EXACTLY – INTERCHEM – 55:67 (12:15, 9:8, 17:19, 17:25)

“Exactly”: shmatova (21 + 4 assists), Gavrilchik (13 + 13 rebounds), Kasatkina (7 + 8 rebounds), Boyarchuk (6).

“Interchem”: Carp (25 + 15 rebounds + 7 assists), Musienko (21 + 5 assists + 3 steals), Sergeeva (12 + 5 rebounds), Kolibabchuk (6).

But in this pair things are much more interesting. Basically, women of Odessa are to blame when, figuratively speaking, helped to let the Genie out of the bottle, allowing rovenchanka twice to beat himself in a recent confrontation in the framework of the regular season.

By the time they have already secured their second place in the table and indirectly could influence the choice of their future opponents in the semifinals. So, apparently, just decided that to meet again with the “Exactly” might be handy. Accordingly, carelessly losing to rivals in the first meeting, the second wards Irina Depakine and does given trick, wasted a 15-point advantage during the third quarter and having 6 points clear in just fifteen minutes before the siren. Thus, in the third place in the table and in parallel against “Interim” in the semi-finals was beat it “Exactly”.

However, if Odessa on the thought that the path to the final, they will feature a velvet carpet, badly miscalculated. Rovenance was not going to be satisfied with the achievements. In the first semifinal match, the guest thanked “sharks” painful fiasco. Gathered in their ranks under the finish of the championship a number of experienced performers, such as Victoria shmatova, Marie Dubas and Olga Krasnikova, this is the experience they brought down on the heads is still quite young, overall, rivals. Therefore those not saved or at least experienced Svetlana Kolibabchuk, no prospective candidate for the national team – Christine Karp with Julia Musienko.

However, once on the verge of failure, in Exactly from Odessa arrived with the firm intention to rehabilitate themselves. And that they, though not without much difficulty, it turned out OK. The same Carp and Musienko fought like last time in my life, and in the last quarter and still tipped the scales in favor of “Interkhim-SDYUSSHOR”.

Thus, 17 APR rivals will once again compete in Odessa. Only then “Kyiv-basket” and finds out his opponent in the final.

Sergey DATSENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine