India, illustration / TurGO.infoПредставители tribe, inhabiting the North Sentinelese island and not coming into contact with the outside world, killed a tourist from the United States.

As reported by Russian news Agency with reference to the TV channel NDTV, seven fishermen who brought American tourist John Allen Cho (John Allen Chau) on the island, was detained.

The fishermen reported that they saw members of the tribe attacked the American with a bow and arrow and then partially buried it in the sand on the beach.

The authorities of the island Union territories of India sent to find the body of American helicopters, but on the island they land can not, as its inhabitants belong with hostility to any attempt to approach them.

According to the publication India Today, citing local media, the American was a missionary. Andaman Sheekha, the newspaper writes that the American “in the past five times I visited Andaman and Nicobar Islands and really wanted to meet gentilissimi tribes in order to preach Christianity”.

The number of the tribe inhabiting the North Sentinelese island, according to the 2011, amounted to 40 people. According to the channel, it’s been known avoid contact with the outside world.