What would an advanced virtual reality headset we wore the capabilities of our real travel will always be limited in terms of square meters apartment, office or playroom.

To date, there are several solutions to this problem of limited space. Your option offered group Google in the form of special running shoes for the participants of virtual travel.

In the patent Google describes a motorized shoes with rollers, integrated in the sole. Boots tracked by the VR system-move or connect to the headset.

As soon as the user approaches the border of the “exclusion zone”, the shoes work engines, which return it to the “allowed” area and immediately shut down.

The aim of the project is to provide the user the ability to move freely in virtual reality, without regard to real space, limited perhaps only a few square meters.

However, you should make a reservation – it is only the patent, the device itself yet. And still users wondering where the Internet giant will be able to realize their ideas in iron.

Source — Ars Technics