In India, the fraudsters tricked people into giving him Bitcoin via LinkedIn

KIEV. 28 Nov. UNN. Militiamen India arrested three people on suspicion of fraud with Bitcoin (BTC). This writes spam, reports UNN.

According to police, the detainees were lured money from captainvalor through LinkedIn and other platforms. They promised up to 10% of the monthly profits from the so-called investment in BTC.

The total amount of stolen funds is unknown. But, according to preliminary estimates, it amounts to almost $ 60 million in BTC.

Earlier UNN reported that the legalization of Bitcoin feared by many countries in the world.

Ukraine, meanwhile, continues to decide on the issue of regulation of the market of cryptocurrencies from the point of view of the legislation.

Registered in the Parliament several draft laws on the legalization of digital money, and recently it was decided to combine them into a single document.

The author of one of the bills about cryptocurrency is the MP from the RPL Serhiy Rybalka (last year he was fired from the post of Chairman of the Finance Committee BP). His paper, however, experts of the Bitcoin Foundation called senseless and populist.

Moreover, the co-author of the bill about bitcoin Fishing made a citizen’s wife Anastasia Bayborodina. And this act colleagues of the radical party called at least “unethical”.