From the first of may, after the official completion of clinical trials, the Hong Kong authorities will begin to apply a new type of disinfectant, known as MAP-1. About it reports Reuters with reference to representatives of the Hong Kong University of science and technology. Here was developed the drug, which provides long-term protection from coronavirus.

In Hong Kong, once said that neither the composition nor the principle of action, nor any other important details about MAP-1 to disclose will not. It is not a remedy against it COVID-19, the disinfectant belongs to a new generation, his development took more than a decade and he is a tremendous commercial value. This coating with active properties, which represents a threat to all types of viruses up to three months after application.

The developers of MAP-1 to specify that it is a means of protection and prevention, not “offensive weapons”. They need to clean premises in advance, and then the virus got there will be very little chance to survive and someone to infect. MAP-1 is already used for processing of housing for the poor in Hong Kong in the framework of the fight against coronavirus.

The main drawback of new high price, this tool does not afford ordinary citizens and many other organizations. So while the Hong Kong authorities will allocate it in small portions, for treatment of medical institutions, schools and those businesses that reopen after the epidemic. To share with other countries and even with mainland China is that they don’t intend to.
Source — Reuters