In China there have been new pockets of the epidemic of the coronavirus

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The Chinese authorities have closed the entrance to the provincial capital Harbin city. Local residents to move from district to district, you want a QR code on your phone

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In China, occurred as the epicenter of the second wave of coronavirus in the country bordering several regions of Russia, the Heilongjiang province where, according to the latest 925 confirmed cases of infection and 13 deaths. Over the last ten days they confirmed 57 cases of the infection.

On the eve of the Chinese authorities closed the entrance to the provincial capital Harbin city. Vehicles without local numbers unfold. Local residents to move from district to district, you want a QR code on your phone that confirms that they are healthy, wearing medical masks on the street necessarily. For those returning from abroad and foreigners is valid for a four-week quarantine.

The pandemic coronavirus authorities to cancel the annual Harbin trade and economic fair this year and moved it to June 2021-th. Inspector of the health Commission of Heilongjiang province Xie Yunlong called one of the reasons flash COVID-19, senior managers and staff in some hospitals had not paid enough attention to anti-epidemic work, did not fulfill the related responsibilities and procedures, reports channel “Mir 24”.

Cases in Wuhan in the first wave COVID-19 can be 4 times more than the statistics

According to Chinese newspaper the Paper, the decision to close Harbin followed after 87-year-old patient due to negligence of doctors at the hospital infected at least 78 people. In early April, men few days he had high fever but he didn’t do the testing for coronavirus. Then he without special protection was transferred to the first hospital of Harbin medical University and put in a General ward with other patients. Test COVID-19 he never did. The investigation of 18 officials, including Deputy mayor of Harbin, attracted to a disciplinary responsibility.

Another main focus of the epidemic in China is located in the South of the country, in Guangzhou, have large African Diaspora. In China, where the epidemic of the coronavirus in General is on the decline, fear of a second wave from abroad, against this background, a growing fear of foreigners, transmits television channel Euronews. The irony: recently, the same attitude in Europe and other countries came to the Chinese themselves.

Sometimes the neighbors call the police and ask to check living next to foreigners. And recently on Chinese social networks went live with a sick citizen of Nigeria, who attacked a nurse, trying to escape from the hospital in Guangzhou. After that, many media wrote that Africans were no longer allowed in public places, forced to sit in quarantine, even if recently they have not been abroad. Some even expelled from the house.

Meanwhile, the US continues to accuse the authorities of China that they had not notified the world health organization (who) about the outbreak of coronavirus. On the eve of Secretary of state Mike Pompeo repeated this thesis at the press briefing. “Even after the Communist party of China has notified who about the outbreak of coronavirus, China did not share all the information that he had. Instead, he hid how dangerous was the disease, he announced within a month of sustained transmission of the virus from person to person until, until it was recorded in all provinces in China,” said Pompeo (quoted by TASS). He added that the party “still has not shared virus samples from China with the rest of the world, making it impossible to track the evolution of the disease.”

Claims to China because of the coronavirus began to serve the individual States. It has made the attorney General of Missouri Eric Schmitt and intends to make the attorney General of the state of Mississippi Lynn Fitch. In claims on the government of the PRC is responsible for the death of Americans in the fashion industry, and States caused economic damage.

The accusations against China regarding information hiding and calls to share data, sound and other countries – Britain, Australia, and Germany. In Italy a lawsuit against the Chinese authorities, similar to the complaints of the American States, filed… hotel in Cortina D”Ampezzo, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The Kremlin does not see any reason to believe that China was hiding the data on coronavirus. “We saw no evidence of the arguments of such statements,” – said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. According to him, “the coronavirus is a common challenge for mankind a challenge to the world economy and of each country individually.” The authorities of the Russian Federation are in full contact with Chinese partners, said Peskov.

Cases in Wuhan in the first wave COVID-19 can be 4 times more than the statistics

Researchers from the school of public health at Hong Kong University came to the conclusion that a more accurate number of people infected with coronavirus during the first wave of the epidemic COVID-19 in mainland China may be more than 232 thousand people – four times more than stated in official figures.

As of February 20, in mainland China there were more than 55 thousand patients. In the period from 15 January to 3 March, the health authorities have consistently expanded the criteria to confirm cases of the coronavirus that influenced the statistics. According to calculations by Hong Kong scientists, each of the first four adjustments increased the percentage detected and counted cases of coronavirus in 2,8-7,1 times.

Conducted a model study showed that if the entire flash was used the fifth version of the criteria for determining COVID-19 to 20 February, she could be more than 232 thousand cases of the disease, says the report, published in the medical journal Lancet. Of them in Wuhan would have been 127 thousand cases, 55 thousand – in the rest of Hubei province and 50 thousand to other areas of mainland China.

Moreover, the number of infected may be even higher, as many mild cases of the disease have not been tested and verified, and in some cases the disease is asymptomatic. The researchers stressed that collected data on the epidemic curve only until February 20, so can’t assess how influenced the statistics further change in the criteria for the identification of coronavirus.

Last week, the government of Wuhan said the statistics on the sick and the dead during an epidemic: the number of deaths increased by 1,290 and built 3869, the number of infection cases increased by 325 – 50 333. According to the Johns Hopkins University on April 23, in China for the time was 83 876 cases of infection with coronavirus and 4636 deaths.

On Thursday morning, the state Committee on questions of health of China reported a daily decrease in the number of import and local cases of infection with coronavirus. More than 93% of patients recovered in hospitals there are at least 1 thousand people.