First, the patriots came across a video where the “heroes” of the movie does not simply mock the national anthem of Ukraine, but also praise the “Russian world”, and also shouting hurtful words.

The members of the Odessa public organization of the cell C14 decided to teach these Teens and looked them reports “Диалог.UA”.

Footage of activists showed on his page in the social network. They recalled that for bullying Ukraine and its characters will be a reckoning.

Teens forced to perform on camera for the national anthem of Ukraine. They, in turn, has promised that this will never happen again.

“After the physical observations held a lesson of Patriotic education and the control performance of the anthem of Ukraine. Said understood and never will be”, – told in C14.

We will remind, in a Network shown as the traitor of Ukraine through tears sings the Ukrainian national anthem.

The network also angered footage of provocation with the flag of the aggressor country in the center of Kiev.