In a closed quarantined Yellowstone the woman received burns to the hot spring and running away from the Rangers 80 km / Tikhonov Mikhail

Since 1870, the thermal springs at the Park have killed at least 22 people / Tikhonov Mikhail

The world-famous Yellowstone national Park, which is located in the American States of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, because of the epidemic of the coronavirus was closed on March 24 and soon will partially resume their work. 12 may, not waiting for just a few days before it opens, get there woman. Yet no one sees it, violating safety rules in this dangerous place, close to the geyser Old Campaigner, to take photos, but failed in a hot spring or a hole in the ground.

After receiving severe burns, the victim went to his car. After 80 km it stopped the Rangers, and then flown to a hospital in Idaho falls, reports The Weather Channel.

Yellowstone will open on may 18 and will begin to operate in a restricted mode. Next Monday for tourists will be available the southern and Eastern entrances to the Park from Wyoming. This informed the national Park on his Twitter page and outlined a detailed three-stage plan for the resumption of the operation of this facility, reports TASS.

On the website of the national Park it is noted that thermal springs in Yellowstone shot or killed more people than any other natural feature of this amazing place. People need to remain on the jetty or special paths, but such warnings do not stop the tourists, which there are regular incidents.

Since 1870, the thermal springs at the Park have killed at least 22 people. The last death occurred June 7, 2016, the then 23-year-old visitor fell into the boiling water. Rescuers failed to locate his body was found only a few personal items. The last case of serious injuries were recorded last September – during a night walk tourist tripped on the catwalk and landed in hot water.

Infringement of rules of stay out of certain zones on the territory of the national Park carries with it quite serious penalty, notes the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. So, at the beginning of this year, a 10-day imprisonment, five years probation, a fine of $ 540 and a five-year ban on visiting Yellowstone got two men who in September 2019 made a trip to the geyser.

There were in the Park and funny, but so dangerous violations that it is time to question the mental abilities of the perpetrator people. In September 2018 the tourist made his way to the geyser Old Faithful, which spews boiling water every 35-120 minutes, and peed in it and then lay at the water’s edge. All this happened in front of a couple hundred tourists. The Ranger managed to detain the offender only after he was released in safe zone, reports Stormnews.

In the same month, the man ignoring warnings about the danger, jumped from the jetty and headed to the hot spring. Then he tried to dip your feet in hot water (the average water temperature in the hot springs of Yellowstone makes up 61.2°C), but limited only to those that put them in the dirt. Spa treatments lasted about 10 minutes. The cries of other tourists about the danger he was not paying attention.