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Management under the control over products and medicines USA (Food and Drug Administration, FDA) on Monday ruled out anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine from the list of drugs whose use is approved in the treatment of cases COVID-19. After studying the results of clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine experts concluded that the drug likely does not possess any antiviral effect, said the letter, published on the FDA website.

In mid-may, on receiving hydroxychloroquine was declared by the President of the United States Donald trump, he explained that doing this “prevention” of infection with coronavirus.

At the end of may about the futility and even danger of hydroxychloroquine wrote medical journal The Lancet. Following this, the world health organization has suspended clinical trials of this drug. Then, however, the magazine pulled the story because its authors were unable to provide data to verify the reliability of research sources.

On 3 June the who announced the resumption of research and preparation.

In Russia hydroxychloroquine are allowed to use to combat coronavirus in mid-April. However, it is recognized that the mechanism of action of antimalarial drugs against some viral infections is not fully understood.