KIEV. May 5. UNN. Prosecutors in Hungary have charged a newspaper editor who allegedly changed the words of Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an interview published in December 2016. It is reported by UNN with reference to the AP.

Prosecutors from the South-West of Veszprem, said Friday that the accused in the violation information data editor has made four changes to the text published in the regional newspaper that belongs to a close ally of Orban.

For example, Orban was prescribed words, that the number of dead in the Hungarian hospitals is growing that the government is not interested in people’s opinion, and he wanted more people returned to “the pagan interpretation of Christmas.”

The publication itself stated that it fired five employees, including top editors, and asked the police to investigate the incident.

As reported UNN, on Saturday, April 21, in Budapest tens of thousands of Hungarians came out to protest against the state control over the media.