Reporters contacted the operator in the Pension Fund of Ukraine,
and they explained how you can purchase the experience, if it is not enough for entering
pension. It is noted that there are two options for people who want
to use this service. First – for those who officially works and
have not reached retirement age.

It is reported Диалог.UA with reference to “Observer”.

It is noted that the tax is a contract on payment
ERUs in the amount of UAH 1039 and in the future you will be paid 1712 UAH. But this
method is not for everyone, and if you need to buy for two years, and before leaving
one year, it can be done, as the contract amount is paid

For this there is the second option, which involves
the purchase of years of experience. But you must be 60 years of age. Then you can
to pay from 24.9 per thousand per year.

Earlier it was reported that the Pension Fund of Ukraine intends to go into saving mode because of lack of funds for payments to Ukrainians. New
pension reform will introduce in the next 2021.

We will remind, citizens of Ukraine, according to the current
pension legislation may early retirement, i.e. before age 60. However, these rules apply not to all Ukrainians.

Prior to this it was noted that last week the Pension Fund of Ukraine explained why the part of the Ukrainians were left without higher pensions.

Vadim Golovko